miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

A day at work

I get up at 6:50 am. 15 minutes later I wake up my son and I prepare his things to go to school in the morning.
At 7:20 am, while my son is having breakfast I take a fresh shower, and then I get dressed.
Before leaving home, we brush our teeth, and then we go to school at 7:55 am.
I leave my son's school at 08:20 am and I arrive at the office at 09:00 am, after a stressful trip by car.
At 09:00 am, usually I drink a cup of tea and open my emails, which I try to answer as soon as possible. After that, I see my boss's agenda and I remind him the daily activities like meetings with the Clients.
I also do photocopies and I write some documents for my boss, which he wants to send by courier to the Clients.
At 12:00 pm. usually I have to prepare the documentation to be sent by a express courier, called "Motoboy"
The lunch is at 01:00 o'clock pm, in the dining room of the office, where I share with my colleagues a very interesting and funny lunch time. we also have some serious discussions about of soccer teams, but they are essentially funnies. 

I finish my work day at 06:00 pm o'clock sharp everyday and I run to pick my son up, who is waiting for me at his nana's home since 04:00 pm. After that , we come back at home to prepare his homework.

jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

Personal Description

Hi colleagues.

My name is Nancy Noemi Dominguez. I'm 31 years old. I currently work as a recepcionist for Kapsch TraffiCom Chile.

I'm widow and have a son, Richard. At the moment, I'm living alone with my son. My close family consists of my father Víctor , my mother Dina, my brother Cristian  and  I also have 3 sisters Paola, Estela and Melany.
All my family are living in Argentina, so I usually travel to there.

In my free time I like going to walk around the San Cristobal park, also I help my son with their homeworks.
Also I like travelling and to know places out of Santiago,such as the beaches and  parks.

As for my physical features. I can say that I'm a person of little height ( 1.56) and weight  (50 kilos). I usually like to keep a good mood at home and at work as well.

martes, 12 de junio de 2012

homework 20th April 2012

  1. - where are you from?    I'm from Argentina
  2. - what do you do?     I work at.Kapsch Chile.
  3.  - what do you like doing in your free time?  I like enjoying my free time playing soccer with my son.
  4. - who do you live with? with my son
  5.  - what are your hobbies? I like to travel and knowing new cities
  6. - why are you learning English? because, in my daily job  is a requirement  to answer phone calls from foreign in English.
  7. - what do you usually do on weekends? I usually make  the cleaning up of the apartment and  also  I wash my clothes
  8. - how often do you have English classes? I have classes two times a week.
  9.  - what do you want to improve about your English? I would like to get better in pronunciation and  writing
  10.  - do you feel that your English has improved? Yes, I think I have an idea regarding the English and I can have a basic communication with others.

lunes, 14 de mayo de 2012

What´s your opinion?

Choose 5  of the questions below and give your opinion about each of them?

Wortdcount: 30 - 50 for each answer
Some useful phrases
What is your opinion about owning an exotic pet? 
  I think the exotic animals should not be tamed. They must live in their natural habitat.
Personally,  I would not have an exotic pet at home.
 It would  be so sad for me and for my pet.
What is your opinion about women in the military? 
 I am in agree with the women working in the military activities, because they have the same skills than the men. There are no differences between genders. We are equals.
What is your opinion about teleworking (working from home via internet)?

What is your opinion about Chilean television? 
I do not like the Chilean TV, because there are no cultural programs which can help to increase the education level within the public.  They always repeat the same movies.

What is your opinion about the new law for driving under the influence of alcohol?

I agree with this law, because it avoids accidents due to drunk drivers. I am also think , This law will promote a change of habit and responsibilities within the Chilean society

What is your opinion about cloning?

What is your opinion about recycling?
What is your opinion about “barras bravas”?

What is your opinion about legalizing abortion in some cases?
 I am completely agree with this initiative, because in some case is absolutely necessary for saving the life of  a woman . I am referring to  both the mental and phisycal health of the women.

viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

About Kapsch (Tenses Practice)

About kapsch

1. When did you begin/start to work at Kapsch?
1- I Started in 2007 in Kapsch.

2. What was your first position?
2- My first position was Receptionist.

3. Did you have any problems at the beginning?
3- I didn´t have problems. All the people were nice.


1. What do you do at Kapsch?
1- I am responsible to handle the PBX, I also receive messages for my colleagues.
  -I organize the agenda of my boss once a while, 
  -I receive a lot of email, which I must answer as soon as possible.
  -I receive the visitors and I have to arrange the meetings with my colleagues.
  -For the foreign visitors I also must arrange the accommodation for them.

2. How long do you work everyday?
 -8 hours per day. I start at 8:30

3. How do you get to the office?
 - It is a terrible experience. I sometimes go to the office by bus or in car.

4. Describe a typical day at work?
 - I arrive at the office at 8:30 am, I drink a cup of coffee and I open my emails, which I try to answer, after that I check my boss´s agenda and I remind him their daily activities.
 - I also do photocopies and I write some documents for him.

5. What project are you working on at the moment?
5- I am working on learning English.

Present Perfect

1. How long have you worked for Kapsch?
1- I have worked for 5 years.

2. Have you ever travelled abroad?
2- Yes, I often have travelled to Brazil, Argentina and Chile. This last is because I am Argentinian citizen.

Plans / dreams

1. What would you like to do in the future (at work)?
1- I would like to learn more about languages and speak fluency.

  2. Would you like to make any changes about your job?
2- Yes of course, I would like to have a training plan, where I can choose the courses that I like me.